Holy shit, we are in debt!

So, we did it. We finally did it. This morning at 10am, we closed on our house. After scads and scads of signing and initialing paperwork, and handing over a huuuge check, we’re now both officially in debt. Eeeep!
So, we finished up around 11:30 this morning at the title company then went back to our agent’s office for a bit. After that, we stopped by the Despot of Homes for some minor supplies, and headed up to our house (after a quick lunch).

Add in several hours of intensive measurements (no room attempts to be a box, so some rooms have about 16 measurements), some window measuresments, and playing with the garage door opener, and we’re done for the day. We also managed to activate the major utilities.

Up next? Probably moving all the accumulated junk from our apartment…

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