Full-throttle Halloween (or Halloween Balls to the Wall)

So, I sorta hinted that I’d write this on a FB post. I’d like to say it’s just another article, but it’s the first I’ve posted here in nearly a decade (conveniently corresponding with my new job nearly a decade (!!) ago…). Since no one has had a problem with my prolific FB posts in …

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Getting back in the habit

So, in the past couple weeks, with prodding from the wife, I’ve gotten back into a highly addictive and potentially expensive habit. It’s one that requires specialized lighting, heating, and fertilizers, but probably not what some may be thinking. No worries about DEA raids, RICO seizures, or failed random drug tests here, the habit is…

This is supposed to be simple, right?

So, I’ve been spending more time working on coming up with my own feed aggregator. I’ve learned some pretty interesting things so far, as well as just how FUBAR RSS and Atom happen to be. You’d think that this would all be somewhat simple, and in an ideal world, it probably would. This is the …

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Is there anything better to munch on while waiting for a meal? Chips and salsa, especially complimentary, freshly made chips and salsa, are where it’s at. Of course, the trick is to get as much salsa-y and chippy goodness without filling up to the point where you can’t eat your meal.