We have a date! (and location!)

Ok, I suppose it’s now official. Tonight we went to sign the contract and put down a deposit on the ceremony/reception site. So we’ve now officially locked-in a date for the wedding. It’s a little earlier than we were originally planning, but I think it will work out well nonetheless.

Wedding Planning is Hard…

… let’s go drinking! I was hoping to avoid getting mired in the details myself with the planning of our wedding. At least, that was the plan when we initially discussed not planning until after the holidays. I had these visions of sitting back, being blissfully unaware of all the legwork, details, dealing with weeding …

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Is there anything better to munch on while waiting for a meal? Chips and salsa, especially complimentary, freshly made chips and salsa, are where it’s at. Of course, the trick is to get as much salsa-y and chippy goodness without filling up to the point where you can’t eat your meal.