I’m Dreaming of a…Wet? Christmas

Merry Christmas! Instead of a white Christmas, which rarely seems to happen in Maryland anyway, it’s a more typical wet Christmas. Rain’s pouring down, traffic is consequently a nightmare (though not as bad as if it were snowing), and everything’s blah and grey.

My throat’s messed up from trying to sing along with the South Park Mr. Hankey Christmas album on the drive up to my future sister-in-law’s ((I’m told that the strangeness of saying something like that will eventually go away)) place. Now we’re sitting around, drinking egg nog, talking about the wedding, holiday stuff, etc.

Even though I’m not really big into the holidays, and haven’t been for longer than I can clearly remember, all in all this is turning out so far to be an enjoyable Christmas. I hope everyone else is having an enjoyable Christmas, Hannukah, Solstice, or just Winter Excuse To Gather and Drink.

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