I never thought I’d be happy about debt

So, I just got off the phone with the mortgage consultant that works with our buyer’s agent. We had filled out some info for a good faith estimate/pre-approval a few days ago, since we’re looking to move on a home slightly faster than we’d originally thought we would. I have to say, I’m stoked.

I knew roughly the price range we wanted to look in based on what I was comfortable paying each month. After running the numbers, it turns out that even bumping up the price of a house a bit above what I originally thought was a “good” price, we’re still in the zone that I consider reasonable, even including taxes, insurance, etc. This should expand the number of places we can look at without having to “settle” for something in our price range.

I really never expected to be thrilled that I could go into debt so much, but, well, it’s really time to get out of renting a place, and become an “adult”. Something tells me that this weekend is going to be busy looking at properties within our newly-expanded range, even though we still really like one of the properties we saw our first weekend out

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