Sorry, Ladies!

Sorry to disappoint all the other ladies out there (all zero of you), but a little over 2 weeks ago, I became a married man. My lovely wife has a write-up of the wedding over at her blog, so go check it out.

The entire day seemed like a blur, both the longest and shortest day of my life, and the scariest and happiest day as well. It still feels surreal to say things like “my wife” or “I’m married” or to look at my ring. I know that it will probably start to seem more normal as time goes on, but I’m enjoying the weirdness right now.

About the only things I can add to Cathy’s account of the wedding is the bachelor party, on Saturday, February 16. As far as I know, no one had a camera, so there aren’t any pics, but it was rather tame, if not late.

Sean, my best man, organized a dinner at Claddagh Pub in Baltimore, where we kept things pretty much low-key. There were at least two separate bachelorette parties that were taking place there at the same time, and near as we can figure, that means everyone dresses up in silly outfits and gets drunk. After dinner, we went over to Edgar’s to play pool until something like 2 in the morning. The entire time, I proved yet again that I can’t play pool to save my life. After we closed Edgar’s, we went back to Sean’s hotel, to swap cars, and then drove back to Frederick. I figure we got in sometime around 3:30 in the morning. After a nice 4-5 hour nap, Sean made sure I was awake, then we got into our tuxes and drove back to Baltimore, arriving right when we were supposed to, at 12:30pm.

We spent most of the next hour+ just waiting, with me basically trapped in a room so that I wouldn’t inadvertently see Cathy in her dress. Groomsmen and bridesmaids were going back and forth between our room and Cathy’s, and I got fitted with a lapel mic and had a few pictures snapped by the photographer. The hour seemed to drag on, but eventually we were told to get ready. Sean, Morty (our officiant), and I were led through back hallways at Martin’s to the room where the ceremony and reception were to take place, and we got to wait some more behind the curtains until the rest of the wedding party was ready, then we walked out and took our places.

I couldn’t really tell you what happened during the ceremony, but I remember when I first saw Cathy, radiant in her gown, and thinking how beautiful she looked. After that, everything up until we left the reception is nothing but a blur. I can’t wait to see the video to find out what the ceremony and reception were like.

Incidentally, we and others have put up some pictures. Some of the links will be updated, so be sure to check back, and as we learn of more, I’ll add them to the post. So far we have:


  1. well… i only read some of this blog because we all know iim very lazy.
    well. im glad you had a fun before and after wedding. thats all that matters 😀

    and im going to tel you your reception was BOMB! i had mucccccho fun.


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