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Vegetarian Chili

Sadly, no, I’ll probably never make it to eat again. I’ve started a diet that’s extremely low-carb, so while I’d make this for my vegan/vegetarian friends, I can’t eat it myself anymore. I need to start developing and posting low-carb recipes really soon…

» Posted By emag On 2013/05/16 @ 02:03

Yeah, well, I didn’t tell her I was going to fall back on TVP if I couldn’t find the raw peanuts. Normally, I’d be opposed to it myself, but since I had a specific vegetarian goal in mind, I allowed myself a little bit of leeway.

You can probably definitely do this in a crock pot, just make sure you have enough liquid to accommodate the requirements of the lentils and the TVP, with enough left over to give a bit of liquidity to the rest of the chili. If I’m recalling the cooking instructions correctly, the lentils need 6-7 cups of liquid for 1 lb, and the TVP needs a little under 1 cup for 1 cup of TVP. I basically manipulated the amount of liquid to be slightly more than the combined needs of the two (1/2 lb lentils == 3-3.5 cups liquid, 1.5 cups TVP == 1.3125 cups liquid, which gives “enough” extra to keeps things from becoming a solid). Both of us really did *not* miss the meat, which surprises me. I usually notice when I’m eating something meatless, because it leave me wanting more. In part, I credit the homemade veggie stock, since I made that with me in mind, so it had so many varied vegetables and seasonings in it, and was reduced to such an extent that it can’t be used as a broth without dilution. Cathy can definitely attest to that, as she tried to add steamed veggies to a 2 cup container last week, and couldn’t finish it, due to how rich it ended up…

» Posted By emag On 2012/03/03 @ 02:58

Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Apple Glaze, and Steamed Broccoli

I really want to tighten up the sauce a bit, to be closer to a glaze. I honestly think there’s a bit too much liquid. Volumentrically, it’s 1/3 liquid to 2/3 “solid” with the jelly. A reduction would really help “glaze” it in my opinion. Using a bit less liquid might work better, too, so you don’t need the extra reduction step. You do know that if some other veggie had been available, I would have used that? Yeah, broccoli was good, probably a really good match, but in the summer, it might have bees something different…

» Posted By emag On 2012/02/01 @ 01:42

Being “appropriately lazy”

Yes, I’m intimately familiar with BOFH, and it really helped in my formative years when I was just a lowly developer. It trained me for what to expect… But I hope to sometimes maybe possibly rise above it. Incidentally, BOFH is still featured in TheRegister…

» Posted By emag On 2013/05/16 @ 02:01

Mobile Phone Wishlist

Guy, thanks for the feedback. To address the points you made…

Actually, there is a date on the post, apparently in the theme I’m currently using it’s at the bottom:

This entry was written by emag and posted on March 6, 2008 at 10:09 pm and filed under …

Though it’s a bit lighter than the rest of the text, so it’s pretty easy to miss.

Also, the link to phonescoop has an “Edit search” link, which in this case goes to their “weighted” search page (and with all the weights that I put in for that particular link). There’s also a simpler “unweighted” search that just lets you enumerate features, but that wasn’t nearly as helpful, since some features ARE more important to me than others, I just didn’t feel like trying to come up with a definitive ranking when I was writing the blog post last night. πŸ™‚

As a brief followup, I’ve also been hitting Amazon, as well as the bigger GSM carriers’ sites (T-Mobile and AT&T/Cingular here in the states), but by far in terms of searching based on specific features, phonescoop is by far the best, with Amazon coming in second of where I’ve looked.

Since my wife (that still sounds so strange!) deals with Blackberries at work, and has an older one through them, I’ve played with it a bit, but wasn’t too fond of the scroll wheel since it was basically 1-dimensional navigation. I’d expressed an interest to her in the Blackberry 8820, which she happened to actually work on today and suggested that we stop by an AT&T store so I could see if I liked it. It’s actually a lot nicer than the BB8700 that she has through work, as it has a scroll ball instead of a wheel (yay, 2-D nav!).

I also looked at a few other phones, including the BB Curve 8310, the current Palm Treo 680, and some Windows-based phones. Interface-wise, I really liked the Treo, since I’ve been using PalmOS for 10 or so years, but it of course lacks Wi-Fi which I still consider *the* feature.

The Windows phones, especially the Pantech Duo C810 was really neat, hardware-wise, with 2 separate sliders, one for the numeric pad and one for a keyboard, but I couldn’t really get past the Windows interface. Yeah, I’m probably really biased in that regard, but it just felt…clunky.

The BB 8820 and BB C 8310 were fairly nice to navigate and play with, and also have added explicit “back” and “menu” buttons that made using them a bit less-confusing.

I even, though I’m reluctant to admit it, picked up an iPhone to try out. Apparently I’m really NOT the target audience for the thing, as my very first comment had to do with all the fingerprints, and my second was something along the lines of “how the hell do I get off of this screen?” (the last person to use it had left it on some app, and it was non-obvious to me how to get back to the main icon page). It was sleek and shiny (and greasy) and had only one button (though not pressed for us before it left the factory, cf: Dilbert), and thoroughly and completely likely to be destroyed within a week in my pocket or on my belt.

So so far the #1 contender is the BB 8820, for me. I’ve been thinking that, while a camera would be nice to have on the phone, I’m much more likely to make use of the Wi-Fi than the camera, especially since I specifically picked up a tiny 7MP camera as my “walking around” device (and use my dSLR for planned photo shooting events)…

» Posted By emag On 2008/03/07 @ 23:01

This is supposed to be simple, right?


After seeing the shenanigans that go on with feeds in general, I can fully understand why you’d have abandoned your own. What I don’t understand is why you seem to be such a masochist as to have done it repeatedly. πŸ™‚

The more I look at all the minor variations and the organic growths that have attached themselves to RSS, the mare I think “that can wait until someone wants it”. There are a LOT of interesting ideas that people have implemented to try to ease their own burdens, but so much seems to be poorly documented, invalidly specified, or both. I think I’ve currently got a happy medium (or at least a lowest common denominator) to pull and store basic info, but anything fancy will definitely need to wait for later.

Looking at my own MP3 and OGG collection, I have to admit that I’m guilty of poor tagging myself. AND I’m really bad about personal backups. Man, you’ve pegged me, along with most of the rest of the world.

» Posted By emag On 2007/03/09 @ 15:48

Putting my money where my mouth is

Frankly, it surprises me too. I suspect there’s some nasty interaction between the insistence on re-writing the feeds file every so often and re-reading it in another thread, for the easily reproducible crash. The one I’m currently seeing, I have no idea, but nuking the cache seems to “fix” it. That’s why I think it’s some corruption, but it’s hard to really tell, especially in a 36M file…

I definitely plan to keep working on this, as at the very least, if it dies, I’ll be able to personally yell at the party responsible for fixing it. πŸ™‚

» Posted By emag On 2007/02/14 @ 14:25

Package Tracking Sucks

Heh, should have known that the USPS would be behind the curve. It’s not really surprising, now that I think about it, since they have a LOT more vehicles and locations to have to worry about upgrading. And come to think of it, USPS package tracking in general seems a lot less useful, as I think every single time I’we tried their tracking, nothing’s been available at all until after the package was delivered…

» Posted By emag On 2007/02/14 @ 11:59

Wedding Planning is Hard…

*gasp* *gasp* Only 15 months?! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

I suppose we could do the wine thing. I know we’re all approaching the “alcohol snob” level, preferring all the top-shelf stuff, but I’d be interested in the price differential between top-shelf and something….not that pricy. Which I suppose is part of why I’m getting involved. I have my own ideas on a budget and what I’m comfortable with, along with what I consider the priority items. We’ll really have to see what the per-person reception costs are before making an ultimate decision on anything. At the very least, there will be some sort of alcohol there, as I know for a fact that I don’t like dry weddings at all.

Fortunately, so far Cathy & I seem to be in the same ballpark, if not precisely the same page. The only thing I most definitely don’t wont to go through are those bridal shows… Let the bridesmaids, matron of honor, my mother, etc, go to those instead of me. πŸ™‚

» Posted By emag On 2007/01/08 @ 20:49

Desperately seeking a (console) feed reader

In a manner of speaking, yes. I ended up starting work on my own feed reader. I’ve written a bit about it at:

» Posted By emag On 2007/03/21 @ 15:25

I Finally Did It


» Posted By emag On 2007/01/08 @ 20:52

Thanks. It’s bee a long time in coming, and I think we’re finally both ready for it. Plus, it’ll keep our relatives, friends, and total strangers from asking us both when we’re getting married. πŸ™‚

» Posted By emag On 2007/01/08 @ 20:40

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