Major Theme Change

The few people who read this blog probably noticed a major appearance change late this weekend. I finally decided to get around to changing the theme used, as while the default Kubrick theme shipped with WordPress was nice, it’s the default, and so it’s so…default. True, changing the colors to that puky green was a way to differentiate it, but even I had trouble keeping track of when I was quickly glancing at my own blog versus someone else’s where they’d been too lazy to change the theme.

So this weekend I activated the Sandbox theme, using the Spartan skin. Maybe it’s just me, but I really like the cleanliness of the thing. I’m typically a big fan of using minimal decoration for web pages, and Sandbox w/ Spartan really adheres well to that. Plus, literally all the styling and layout are done through CSS, so if I get the urge, I can always start hacking the CSS to change things up a bit.

Another motivator was that I wanted to start using Sidebar Widgets, as I prefer to customize without having to edit theme files directly. Call me crazy, but it seems so much easier to keep as much as possible out of files that WordPress in no way versions1, and most of what I want to do, I can find widgets for anyway.

So, yeah, new theme. Spartan. Sandbox. CSS. Yeah, that. So enjoy. Or not.

  1. And this happens to be why I don’t consider most blog software or most of the Open Source CMS to really be anything approaching a CMS. I want versioning, damn it. Maybe it comes from having worked for a CMS WCM company that does version everything[back]

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