We have a date! (and location!)

Ok, I suppose it’s now official. Tonight we went to sign the contract and put down a deposit on the ceremony/reception site. So we’ve now officially locked-in a date for the wedding. It’s a little earlier than we were originally planning, but I think it will work out well nonetheless.

Our original planned date had been March 23, 2008. It sounded good at the time, until we asked the place we ultimately decided upon (Martin’s West) if it was available. They pointed out that, while it was free, it was also Easter Sunday. Errrr… So, after some brainstorming, we finally came up with a new date. The advantage is, the following Monday should be a day off for a lot of people. The date? February 17, 2008.

Like I said, it’s a little earlier than we originally wanted, but now that we’ve thought about it, it works for us. It’s close to Valentine’s Day, which we don’t tend to celebrate much, meaning we won’t get overwhelmed. And it should be close to a holiday, meaning we can probably get away for a long weekend near our anniversary every year. Not to mention we’ll probably want to get away from the cold…

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  1. The Winter wedding will also motivate us to have a tropical (read: warm) honeymoon. Although, when you think about it….Do you really GO anywhere on your honeymoon? Other than a quick trip to the bathroom?

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