Major Theme Change

The few people who read this blog probably noticed a major appearance change late this weekend. I finally decided to get around to changing the theme used, as while the default Kubrick theme shipped with WordPress was nice, it’s the default, and so it’s so…default. True, changing the colors to that puky green was a way to differentiate it, but even I had trouble keeping track of when I was quickly glancing at my own blog versus someone else’s where they’d been too lazy to change the theme.

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Wedding Planning is Hard…

… let’s go drinking!

I was hoping to avoid getting mired in the details myself with the planning of our wedding. At least, that was the plan when we initially discussed not planning until after the holidays. I had these visions of sitting back, being blissfully unaware of all the legwork, details, dealing with weeding out selections for food, venue, etc. I had thought that I could stay detached and just give my final consent on whatever decisions had been made, as while I can deal with most kinds of stress, this personal stuff really gets me in my gut.

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Desperately seeking a (console) feed reader

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m a little addicted to RSS/Atom feeds. At current count, I have close to 400 feeds (though a lot of them are Flickr pools). My problem is, I’ve yet to find a feed reader that has everything I want. First off, let me just limit things to console-based feed readers. I do a lot of work in screen, and don’t even have X configured on my main system currently, so something that works in text mode is an absolute must, as it’s the only system that’s mostly guaranteed to be on at any given time, and have network access…

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I Finally Did It

Well, a week ago, on December 17, I did it. I got engaged. And I’m still sort of stunned.

I can’t say that it was a real surprise, seeing as how we’ve been together for over 6 years, and have lived together most of that time, but it’s still a bit of a shock. Cathy’s already written about it, so I’ll just let it stand at that, as it’s pretty much the way I remember it happening too. About the only thing I’d add is that I’ve been trying to think for weeks how to get out to the store to look at the rings without arousing any suspicions. Not bothering to do that seems to have worked out easier. 🙂 If anyone’s interested and hasn’t seen them yet, there are pics of the ring on Flickr.

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